Womb Sauna

Transforming & Healing women through plant medicine


Ancient TraditionS

Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that can be found in many cultures all around the globe. Its practice still continues today as a testament to its effectiveness.  

Women from the Caribbean Islands & the deep South carry on the tradition of their Grandmothers. The Korean tradition is called chai-yok. The Aztec Mayan healers and midwives in Central and South America call it bajos (pronounced ba-hoes). Suriname women use genital steam baths to tighten vaginal walls. The Akan women in Ghana still use herbal vaginal steaming for postpartum healing.

Vaginal steaming is a potent medicine for women. It is an essential self-care tool, valuable in all stages of a woman's life. It's used by Midwives in aiding women in postpartum recovery after childbirth. It's used as a hygienic practice to cleanse the womb after menstruation and to treat gynecological problems. Cramps, trouble conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, dryness...vaginal steaming helps to naturally treat these issues. 

From the first period to postmenopause, all women should experience the healing power of the vaginal sauna. 



The Womb Sauna has 25+ benefits, from physical to emotional healing.  Every woman, no matter where she is on the spectrum of healing can reap benefits from the Womb Sauna. 

Potential Benefits of the Womb Sauna:

 · Pulls toxins out of the body  · Alleviates abdominal pain/pressure  · Relieves menstrual cramps

· Regenerates damaged tissues  · Improves vaginal tightness   · Helps hemorrhoids
· Helps with feminine odor  · Helps womb absorb medicinal herbs into the bloodstream
· Regulates menses   
· Relieves menopausal symptoms  · Facilitates emotional purging and letting go

· Helps to build self-esteem and honoring of thy self  · Releases stagnant energy and stimulates creativity  · Supports lymphatic health  · Assists with fluid retention  · Strengthens communication with
self and others   · Stimulates healthy sexual energy   · Reduces and eliminates abnormal
growths in the womb with consistent use  
· Relieves heavy menstruation · Balances hormone levels

· Jumpstarts detoxifying sensors to kill off fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites
· Stimulates growth of white blood cells antibodies  · Helps with mood stabilization
· Sweating creates cardio benefits  Strengthens the uterus · Detoxifies womb to removes excess
waste which contributes to cysts, fibroids, cancers and tumors

Womb Sauna Certified

I'm a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner. I'm trained in a unique 12 step method of womb healing, this is what sets us apart from a regular vaginal steam. We begin with a consultation to assess where you need support and how to personalize your treatment. We move through sacred movements , deep breathing, visualizations, and meditations. I utilize all the skills in my toolbelt to bring you into a space of powerful presence and healing. 

What you receive: 

  • A private, intimate 1-on-1 session with your Womb Sauna Practitioner
  • A coach the entire session to support their body, mind, and spirit during the detox
  • An energy-based vaginal steam experience integrating crystal and healing touch therapies as well as sacred movement
  • Services at your home or at my location
  • A customized womb healing regimen with accountability and tools to use in between each session

Heal Now

Lets rewrite your womb story

Contact me for a mini consultation. If you're ready to begin this journey now, fill out our intake form, submit payment, and set up an appointment. Initial Consultation & Womb Sauna Session: $135 

Subsequent Sessions: $85


Ask about our Womb Wellness & Sister Circle Gatherings! We can create an intimate healing experience for you and your friends.